Napclean napkins

We present You the next big thing in personal hygiene – compressed tablet napkins. Pour couple of drops of water onto the tablet and watch the napkin come to life. The tablet grows in to a wet napkin which is hygienic and clean to use.

No more avoiding dirty surfaces in public restrooms. Napclean’s purifying impact can help You during meals and while traveling. See below how compressed tablet napkins work and be a part of a hygenic revolution!

Benefits of Napclean napkins

The material of the napkin is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Natural viscose is a 100 % biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

The napkin is a disposable product, so no more need to use electricity, water and detergent to wash the towels. It has all the important benefits for the environment whilst also being cost saving. It completely degrades in the nature and doesn’t harm the environment.
The tablet needs only 10 ml of water. Also, there is much less storage space needed for the tablets and a lot of time is saved preparing refreshment towels for guests.


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Napclean napkins are hygienic refreshments – ECO-friendly!

Serving Your guests Napclean, You give them an environmentally friendly, hygienic and hypoallergenic towel, which is non-toxic and without alcohol.
Napclean is an environmentally friendly product, which can not be served in plastic or any other material that is harmful to the environment. Napclean trays are made of recycled Ulin wood from Kalimantan, ceramic, stone or glass.


Napkins, hygiene, napkin tablets, magic napkins, Compressed Magic Tablet Napkins


When Napclean napkins should be served?

You can serve Napclean compressed napkins for many different occasions as a refreshment towel, for example in restaurants, hotels, bars, spas etc.

It is simple to prepare the compressed tablet in a hygienic way. Compressed tablets will stay in hygienic packaging, until the tablet is served and water is poured on it. It is also possible to use scented water for that special millieu.

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