You Will Never Guess What This Study Revealed About Gender and Hygiene

Who’s cleaner, men or women?

According to a new study conducted by Initial Hygiene in Australia, 43 percent of women view men as unhygienic beings who never wash their hands after using the bathroom. And 89 percent of men view women as much cleaner.

As reported by The Daily Mail, the survey found that perceptions of each sex are accurate — just in reverse: men follow more hygienic habits than women when it comes to workplace bathrooms. The study supports that these findings are exclusive to workplace bathrooms.

While 96 percent of men and women wash their hands with soap after doing their business, men tend to make the extra effort when it comes to hygiene.

For instance, 77 percent of men clean the toilet seat before using, compared to a considerably lower 59 percent of women. Even more so, 52 percent of men clean the seat after using the toilet, compared to 42 percent of women.

The possible reasoning behind all of this besides the obvious germ avoidance? Psychologist Emma Kenny notes the correlation between cleanliness and manliness.

“Men are instinctually protective and territorial and these natural predilections could well be why they take care when using their own and others toilets,” she explains.

The study also addressed the subject of vanity, stating that women were, in fact, more vain, with 84 percent of women taking time to adjust their appearance.


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