Your dog’s paws have places to go – Help him put his best foot forward with these easy paw care tips

Think about the dirty surfaces your dog’s feet come into contact with throughout the day. Carpet, tile, wood, cement, grass, dirt, mud, snow, water, urine, feces and more – Fido walks on all of them.

Beyond the gross factor of icky sticking to those paws, these surfaces have an impact on his tender tootsies. The pads of your dog’s feet provide cushioning that protects joints and bones from shock. In addition, the pads provide protection for the deep tissue within the paw and insulation against extreme weather. Keep your dog’s paws in immaculate condition by these fresh tips:

  1. Trim Hair
  2. Use Wipes
  3. Keep Nails Trimmed
  4. Clean Between the Pads
  5. Use Doggie Boots
  6. Moisturize the Pads
  7. Apply First Aid
  8. Wash with Warm Water
  9. Use a Door Mat

Keeping your dog’s paws clean is essential for him to feel comfortable walking and to avoid injury and infection. Make a habit of inspecting your dog’s paws after every outdoor adventure to see what type of cleaning is best suited for the situation.

Wiping your Fido’s feet regularly makes them smile

8 tips above are incredibly useful to make your dog’s paw stay clean, comfortable, and makes them smile. There may be times that a quick cleaning with a wipe is perfect for the job. Save your time by doing quick cleaning to your dog’s paw using Napclean Go Sanitizer. It is simple, quick, and more important is clean. Also other times a thorough warm water cleaning and hair trim will the most beneficial. Take care of your dog’s paws every day to ensure they last him a lifetime!

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