9 Things That Happen When You Don’t Regularly Remove Your Makeup At Night

By Lindsey Rose Black

Sleeping with your makeup on once or twice isn’t exactly the worst thing ever, and you can guarantee I won’t judge you for the occasional slip. But what happen when you don’t remove your make up at night regularly might legitimately make your skin crawl. From unwanted pimples to way, way worse things, this list will make you always reach for that makeup wipe before hitting the sheets.

If you’re not as committed to removing your makeup at night, this list might convince you that you should be. Here are 9 that can happen when you leave your makeup on overnight.

#1. Eye Irritation

#2. Blackheads

#3. Thin Lashes

#4. Pimples

#5. Premature Aging

#6. Dry Lips

#7. Dry Skin

#8. Clogged Hair Follicles

#9. Possible Cysts


Now you don’t need to worry about the struggle of removing your make up at night

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